One Darley


In a category cluttered with brands, we built a brand that begged to be indulged in – more than any other fine experience you had come to experience at The Meydan.

We just knew, our story telling would need an overdose of passion…

Exclusivity doesn’t come in pairs.Those accustomed to the best seek it out, recognize it instantly and settle for nothing less. We believe that an innovative design approach should extend beneath the surface of everything we create. This is why we build experiences with the future in mind.


Experiences that will captivate people from around the world.

This was not just about creating a great logo and a great design to go with it.

Awe needed to strike right from the name – We needed a great one!


Make A One-of-A-Kind Statement

It’s no secret that Dubai is a sea of tailored suits and expensive vehicles, and standing out from the crowd takes something unique. A destination like the One Darley was created for a certain breed of customer: confident and accomplished, with a desire to make a statement. We had our task cut-out.

Our Personae are on the money!

time is what I cherish,

it’s in every statement I make,

it is the measure of what I do,

it is a reflection of who I am,

it makes my world magnificient,

(and also intimate)

my life is a story in elegance,

inspired by the traditions kept alive,

it is the terms I live with,

it is the essence of my world,

from the top is a world I see,

in the company of those you know little of,

exclusive is our hallmark,

it is the one place I am me,

and the story of One Darley unfolded…

Everybody Belongs Somewhere

Throughout the world, people are rediscovering the excitement of the urban, as a reflection of the best of life in the city, for today and tomorrow. It is a place of continual evolution, richness and diversity – a place people of all kinds will desire to visit, and become a part of.

You feel the excitement even before your arrive.
Meydan. A destination that serves up new delights and indulgences that instantly engage you, keeping you coming back. Home to the world-renowned Godophin Stables, Meydan hosts five months of world-class thoroughbred horseracing.

Keep Wanting More…