Rethink Brand

Brand is powerful. It can inspire.
It lays down a strategic foundation that provides the framework for targeted creative.
It can help create an experience that exceeds expectations.
It can etch the story of a business in the hearts and minds of the consumers.
Anyone can tell you where brand came from.
We focus on shaping where it’s headed.
We do that by treating clients as partners, and the world around us as a constantly evolving source of inspiration.
We follow a proven, results-oriented process that’s been honed over time to deliver work that inspires.


Great by Design for 11 Years

In the UAE since 2006, we are an independently owned Dubai based multidisciplinary creative agency focused on rethinking the brand. We work with heads of marketing to make creative connections between their brand and its audience. We get to know them and their target audiences intimately, then we create, develop and communicate brands and their messages in an impactful, engaging and resonant way. Not only are we privileged to work alongside some of the world’s most forward-thinking businesses, as well as many well-known UAE brands, we also help ambitious entrepreneurs to build their businesses from the ground up.


We Walk the Talk

We Craft Purposeful, Passionate Brands with Authentic Brand Stories Using Tools for the Digital Age. We’ll fuse idea-thinking and design excellence to inspire your audience and strengthen your brand’s value. We scale quickly. We’re known for the expertise in the new consumer, for our immersive style, for our communications savvy, for being highly conceptual yet grounded in the reality of what’s doable. We are media agnostic and work across industries.


Shift the Brand Conversation

We shift the focus from what companies and brands do, to what they mean and stand for. We believe every great brand should have a deeper meaning that transcends the product or service. Since opening our doors ten years ago, our work has been shaped by this inside-out philosophy. As brand biographers, we uncover what is truly different about your brand and custom tailor our work to your unique business. We then roll your brand’s total experience into a comprehensive narrative that includes culture, positioning, brand identity, web, packaging, mobile, and branded spaces.


Connecting with people in new, creative, innovative and purposeful ways.

We make connection more intelligent, emotional and fascinating. We believe in doing more with less, beginning with the end in mind, working with clients as true partners, asking ‘why not’ and ‘how might we’ at every step, elevating the emotional story behind the rational message, never forgetting that it’s about differentiation & relevance, never forgetting that we don’t have all the answers, & always striving to be our best & do our best.

Research/ Strategy/ Vision/ Values/ Purpose/ Positioning/ Architecture/ Road Mapping/ M&A/ Spin-Off/ Portfolio/ Naming/ Logos/ Identity/ Content/ Messaging/ Voice/ Visual Systems/ Collateral/ Packaging/ UI/ Web/ Video Production / Social Media/ Events / Advertising / Measurement/ ROI/ Consulting /

Building Brands for the Digital Future

3 Things to Know About Us

We are sector and media agnostic.
Consumers move seamlessly between categories and media. So do we.
We listen.
Everything we do starts with trying to truly understand – understand our clients, the challenge at hand, each other, the world around us. But we don’t listen passively. We constantly question our clients’ assumptions as well as our own.
Don’t call us experts.
It’s a term we hate. To us, it suggests a formulaic, proprietary (often trademarked) process. Each project – each new client – presents a new challenge. Dealing with these challenges is more about discovering a new path than relying on what we did before.


Brewing Greatness.

This is where we’d tell you all about how we’re a creative agency, super focused on creatively being creative.

Then we’d show a portrait of our staff posed against some refurbished backyard, even though we’re literally located in the middle of a city. Or a few candid shots of designers sitting around playing video games while simultaneously being worked on by tattoo artists that freely roam the agency.
Then we’d be sure to point out that we don’t even call it work, man, we call it “visioneering” or something equally inane.
But you know what? It is work. And our clients don’t care whether or not there’s a refrigerator full of beverages in every department or a snooker table in the break room. What they care about is having their story out there in the world, told in a compelling way. So that’s what we’re up to. That’s what we’re about: true stories, great stories, and stories that get results.

We Love and Understand Brands.

We’re Designers, Thinkers, Strategists, Business People.

We’re Serious, Fun, Personable, Creative, Responsive, Experienced, Accomodating, Smart & Modest.


There is no B Team at Brand Terminus

We’re a collaborative, creative crew fueled by a passion for our craft and good, strong coffee.

In a nutshell, we make you look great from the inside out (keeping your customers in mind the entire time). We collaborate with you to capture your story, your essence, and your brand promise. We create a brand identity that will speak to the heart of your loyal customers.
We then continue to be there for you whenever you need us to talk, implement, and manage your brand.
A Leadership Team with Plenty of Experience
Our founding partners have been pursuing creative excellence and innovation for some of the region’s largest and smallest organisations for over 11 years.

Anees Mohamed

Founder/ Chief Creative Consultant

Anees brings a critical blend of strategically creative vision and excellence in execution to the design process. With over 20 years’ experience, from boutique interactive agencies to larger advertising and brand development firms, Anees has gained a razor-sharp understanding of what it takes to stand out and succeed. He is a is a top-of-his-game brand marketer, with both agency and client-side experience. He makes sure the agency delivers great work. His command of both strategy and creative, and his deep knowledge of marketing and brand, helps push the agency to deliver highly innovative solutions for its clients.

He has honed his content-first approach to brand communications over the past 20 years in the industry. An early digital pioneer, he was at the forefront of digital media and content marketing before the terms were coined, advising the then newly founded to one of the earliest web’s online community in the portal

Anees has worked across all sectors in the areas of Brand Strategy and Marketing Communications for Corporate, Consumer, Country & NGO around the world, working with some of the world’s leading brands and businesses like Lufthansa, Bacardi Martini, SAP, JW Marriott, BMW and Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage.

Anees is an expert business consultant for start-ups and growth-stage companies. Envisioning the big picture and all its moving pieces has always been his forté. This, coupled with his infectious passion for brainstorming, ability to home in on the issues, and penchant for developing smart, sensible solutions, make Anees the strategist you want on your team.

In his free time, Anees enjoys playing the guitar, going on long drives and enhancing his chef skills.


Johlee Jimenez

CMO/ Activation Strategist

Johlee combines her passion of marketing and business to lead the agency to create innovative solutions and help her clients deliver on their business objectives. She is focused on facilitating relationships and an infrastructure supporting them, to ensure that our clients and support team find the desire to remain a long-term partner of Brand Terminus. She loves to keep things simple and focuses on delivering results rather than simply talking about them. She has successfully launched the firm’s branded premiums arm that services clients like Zurich, Huawei and Mubadala.

Johlee is the new business force behind the impressive roster of clients. Her passion for listening and serving clients, coupled with her belief that “people buy from people they like,” has led her and the agency to successfully acquire clients like Senegal Airlines, Tiffany, Daimler, Dorma, Heinz, Renault, BP and others. She has an eclectic background encompassing expertise in both Activation and Branding, has run large corporate service accounts such as Dubai Properties – promoting the Lagoons development – and is approaching 10 years of expertise in the industry. She has extensive experience in event marketing, as well as retail and food and beverage activation.

Under her initiative, the agency capabilities has more than doubled in size, she has built a unique talent network – a combination and breadth of skills and services available to Brand Terminus. With a background in marketing strategy, activation, and social media, Johlee has helped clients surpass campaign performance expectations, increase brand awareness, generate hundreds of sign-ups, and grow significantly.

Her current focus is defining the growth strategy for Brand Terminu, identifying and converting key acquisition opportunities, delivering business performance as well as maintaining key account responsibilities.

Johlee’s penchant for detail and keen powers of perception make her an exceptionally diligent and conscientious project manager. She has a knack for investigating all angles of a project or deliverable—always with our client’s business goals in mind—before jumping into action. Few are better equipped at handling the complex puzzle pieces of project execution. Her wide range of project and account management experience includes a huge mix of corporate and consumer industries.

Johlee spearheads most of Brand Terminus’ projects that involve complicated or voluminous content. Her commitment to understanding business needs and goals helps her guide the agency to focus on their clients’ businesses and proactively provide ideas and solutions that can evolve and enhance their brands. She combines her hunger for creative problem solving with a sharp eye for detail, a cracker-jack memory, and intense follow-through—a potent formula that delivers premium results for clients. Indeed, Johlee delights in partnering with clients to ensure their business objectives are met, while surpassing their expectations with stellar strategy, gorgeous design, and thoughtful execution.


One of Partnership


Strategy Guides Everything

We think strategically. Sometimes we take on work that doesn’t quite fit into Branding or Campaigns. Whether you’re an innovative startup or a Fortune 500, we understand the consumer world in which brands must thrive and know how to get results. Whether you need to recalibrate your brand, clarify your message, craft a better story, build a new website or unite your culture and brand, we’re ready to help. From a global hospitality chain who needs help rethinking digital communication, to a start-up with big brand aspiration; from financial market to philanthropy, our clients are diverse and vary in size from global to local. Our work ranges from small creative projects to major rebrands.

It’s not about what we create – it’s how we create.