Rethink Brand

Brand is powerful. It can inspire.
It lays down a strategic foundation that provides the framework for targeted creative.
It can help create an experience that exceeds expectations.
It can etch the story of a business in the hearts and minds of the consumers.
Anyone can tell you where brand came from.
We focus on shaping where it’s headed.
We do that by treating clients as partners, and the world around us as a constantly evolving source of inspiration.
We follow a proven, results-oriented process that’s been honed over time to deliver work that inspires.


Great by Design for 10 Years

In the UAE since 2006, we are an independently owned Dubai based multidisciplinary creative agency focused on rethinking the brand. We work with heads of marketing to make creative connections between their brand and its audience. We get to know them and their target audiences intimately, then we create, develop and communicate brands and their messages in an impactful, engaging and resonant way. Not only are we privileged to work alongside some of the world’s most forward-thinking businesses, as well as many well-known UAE brands, we also help ambitious entrepreneurs to build their businesses from the ground up.


We Walk the Talk

We Craft Purposeful, Passionate Brands with Authentic Brand Stories Using Tools for the Digital Age. We’ll fuse idea-thinking and design excellence to inspire your audience and strengthen your brand’s value. We scale quickly. We’re known for the expertise in the new consumer, for our immersive style, for our communications savvy, for being highly conceptual yet grounded in the reality of what’s doable. We are media agnostic and work across industries.


Shift the Brand Conversation

We shift the focus from what companies and brands do, to what they mean and stand for. We believe every great brand should have a deeper meaning that transcends the product or service. Since opening our doors ten years ago, our work has been shaped by this inside-out philosophy. As brand biographers, we uncover what is truly different about your brand and custom tailor our work to your unique business. We then roll your brand’s total experience into a comprehensive narrative that includes culture, positioning, brand identity, web, packaging, mobile, and branded spaces.


Connecting with people in new, creative, innovative and purposeful ways.

We make connection more intelligent, emotional and fascinating. We believe in doing more with less, beginning with the end in mind, working with clients as true partners, asking ‘why not’ and ‘how might we’ at every step, elevating the emotional story behind the rational message, never forgetting that it’s about differentiation & relevance, never forgetting that we don’t have all the answers, & always striving to be our best & do our best.


One of Partnership


Strategy Guides Everything

We think strategically. Sometimes we take on work that doesn’t quite fit into Branding or Campaigns. Whether you’re an innovative startup or a Fortune 500, we understand the consumer world in which brands must thrive and know how to get results. Whether you need to recalibrate your brand, clarify your message, craft a better story, build a new website or unite your culture and brand, we’re ready to help. From a global hospitality chain who needs help rethinking digital communication, to a start-up with big brand aspiration; from financial market to philanthropy, our clients are diverse and vary in size from global to local. Our work ranges from small creative projects to major rebrands.

It’s not about what we create – it’s how we create.

It’s always great to do business with you, ’til our next project.

Yen Rodil,
Marketing and Sales Development Officer
PROMAT Middle East

We Love and Understand Brands.

We’re Designers, Thinkers, Strategists, Business People.

We’re Serious, Fun, Personable, Creative, Responsive, Experienced, Accomodating, Smart & Modest.