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How own-label brands are dialling up desirability

As post-Brexit price hikes continue to bite, consumers across the UK are opting for own brand products in increasing numbers. According to recent research by Retail Economics, 48% of 2,000 consumers questioned said they would switch to cheaper own-label alternatives if their weekly food shopping bills rose by 3%.

What Went Wrong with Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner Ad

PepsiCo Inc.’s latest commercial, slammed on social media for a tone-deaf exploitation of the Black Lives Matter movement, has become a cautionary tale about relying on an in-house advertising team. The spot, which features Kendall Jenner offering a Pepsi to a police officer in the middle of a street protest, was handled by the company’s Creators League Studio division.

Your Business Issues Just Might Have A Brand Solution

When you spend a lot of time working with people in the C-suite, you’re exposed to C-sized business issues. And those larger strategic problems can’t be solved by the CEO alone, or often times by existing resources.

Coke axes Coca-Cola Life brand as sales tumble

Coca-Cola Life, which accounts for just under 1% of the company’s trademark sales, has been dogged by poor performance since launching in 2014. The product is marketed as a more natural alternative to other Coke variants as it is partially sweetened with stevia extract.

Six Steps to Ensure Your Brand Strategy Supports Your Lead-to-Revenue Framework

When people talk about a company brand, it is often expressed as sort of an abstract concept — for example how we feel about a brand. Actually, a strong brand has monetary value. For instance, it can be a boon to the stock price, making the entire company more valuable. It can be a sales and profit accelerator by helping you sell more products and services at a greater profit margin.