Talking About Brand

10 Rebranding Do’s And Dont’s

Building and maintaining a strong brand requires constant monitoring and nurturing, and on occasion, the need to rebrand. Regardless of how successful a brand strategy may have been in the past, businesses are dynamic in nature, and brand messaging may lose its relevance over time, especially if the company has evolved into new markets or demographic reach.

The Future For Iconic Brands

Familiarity is something every marketer craves for their brand. They want the marque they are responsible for to be known, asked for, a household name. But does icon status in and of itself guarantee anything anymore? Icons can quickly become statues – big, imposing but lacking any sense of life. In order for this behemoth to flourish, presence alone will not be enough.

How to Determine the Right Time to Invest in Brand Positioning to Drive Growth

There is a diverse array of reasons to consider a brand positioning project for your business. And investing in brand positioning can better situate your business to achieve the business goals you are looking to achieve.

Brand Marketing In The Age Of Abundance

In their sprint to force demand for their products, conventional marketers seem to forget one thing about this new reality: information is abundant. Even physical goods and intellectual property are free.

Retail Employee Engagement: Two Innovative Solutions to Disrupt a Challenging Industry

If you’ve ever been a part of the retail employee engagement conversation, you know that a huge pain point for retailers is poor employee retention. A recent infographic on “How to Engage Your Retail Associates” explains that you need to give your people a reason to care about your brand. This engagement is critical to grow your business.